Rose, Nicole Kontolefa, is a native "New Yawker." She graduated from Laguardia HS of Performing Arts and then The Moscow Art Theater School. She co-founded Studio Six, the only American offshoot of the Russian theater. As managing director she has translated new plays, premiered adaptations of literary works and performed in cities near and far. Her film and television work can be seen at

Garrett, Peter Alexandrou, is a Greek-Australian actor who has been living in NYC since 2007. After graduating from the Adelaide Center for the Arts, he continued to study and work in NYC with various studios and companies. This is his first movie with PENT-UP PRODUCTIONS, and he is very proud to have been part of this production.

Amber, Eva Solveig, is a physical theatre and film actress. Born in Iceland, Eva studied acting in
London, with further performance training across Europe, before settling down in New York. With heart in film and passion for absurdism and experimental theatre. Website:

Sheriff, Hank Fandel, is New York based and works in theatre and film. Clips can be viewed at YouTube Hank Fandel and soon on IMDb. The background noise of his life is the development of a presentation based on the concept that "all is one."


Writer and Director, Matt Eames is a former scientist who currently runs a small business with his father and uncle.  His interests include remembering faces and names, empathy, and movies.  This is his first feature film.

Producer, Corinne Barlow, studied Photography, Art History, and Business at Indiana University.  Currently, she is a Project Director for the experiential education company, Hyper IslandShe's helped produce various music videos, vlogs, and podcasts.  She also co-wrote the novel How To Survive New York On Three Dates A WeekThis is her first feature film.

Director of Photography, Ryan Mitchel, grew up watching films from directors; Tim Burton, Wes Anderson, David Fincher and Robert Zemeckis. He knew early on that he had a passion for films however he didn’t participate in the filmmaking process until college where he took his first film production class. It was there that he found his love for the camera. Eventually, he moved to New York to take part in the independent film scene, to date Ryan has been the Director of Photography on three feature films and a multitude of short form projects. Ryan operates his own production company in Brooklyn with his wife Whitney Mitchel, 23 Minutes In. They are dedicated to telling great stories and making extraordinary films. With each frame Ryan captures you can feel the passion and dedication.

AD, Alex Backus, For the last 10 years, Alex Backus  has worked on countless projects, films and organized many media based events including the Wild West Film Festival and Take Back the Night. A jack of all trades, Alex produces, ADs, ACs, location manages and sometimes even runs sound.

Alex Backus.jpg

Sound, Philip Kim, is a rising sound editor and re-recording mixer in New York. He studied his trade at New York University and has begun his career with this film. On the side, he listens and makes radio plays.

Sound, Thomas Beddoe, is a musician and audio engineer working out of Brooklyn, NY. This is his first feature film.

Grip, James Sorrels, has been collaborating on projects with Matt for over a decade. James is currently writing and directing, This Place Is Dirtya documentary feature on police torture in Chicago.

Catering, Mary Eames, and Special Effects Engineer Gary Eames, are veteran Hollywood insiders who finally decided to focus on smaller independent films.

Set Designer, Dexter Eames, is a highly skilled craftsman who is also known to dabble in electrical engineering on the side.

Soundtrack, Rage Angel, a film composition duo from Toronto, Canada.

Trailer Music Performed by Darcy Macrae and engineered by JT Curtis.